A layered object store design in Elixir (Part I)


I recently designed an object store from scratch in Elixir. It has been serving me well as a backend for an app which needs to store all kinds of files: images, videos, documents. I wanted something simple to avoid dealing with off-the-shelf object stores which require complex configurations and to... [Read More]
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Elixir collections

Elixir is a function programming language that I have been using a lot in recent months to build all kinds of applications. Understanding of built-in collection types is essential to use any language effectively and Elixir is no different. [Read More]
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Setting Up Backup Snapshots on Linux

For some time I’ve been looking for a backup solution for Linux that can periodically take snapshots of data, allowing me to go back in history of any file just like git. I finally found restic which fits these requirements. Here is how I set it up to take snapshots... [Read More]